Dana Sohlberg, MS, LCPC -
Dana really helped my son deal with his anger and depression.  Through his counseling sessions with her he was able to learn how to communicate better and to cope with his frustration.  I highly recommend her services."
M. E.

"I  really enjoy working with Ms. Sohlberg to address my ongoing depression and anxiety.  She has been  able to help me reframe my negative thoughts and to realize what I can control and cannot control.  She is very supportive and easy to talk to."
S. R.

" I have struggled with issues from a past trauma and working with Dana really helped me get my life on track.  Not only was she nurturing, but she pushed me in the way I needed to confront my feelings and my fears.  She is down to earth and even has a good sense of humor."
T. Y.

"Ms. Dana is super cool.  I like talking to her.  I feel so much better about myself, my body, and my life."
P. K.

"After years and years of living in a family where I was surrounded by addiction I was left feeling traumatized and very co-dependent.  Dana helped me process my feelings and taught me how let go of my guilt.  She has a strong knowledge of addiction and the effect it has on a family.  I also learned how to deal with my co-dependency through self care and  setting boundaries. I am really pleased with my progress and feel relieved that I found a therapist who understands."
E. P. 

"Ms. Sohlberg worked well with my daughter who was depressed and cutting.  I feel that my daughter trusts her as a counselor and has learned how to ask for help when she needs it. Ms. Sohlberg made the effort to understand my daughter in a variety of ways.  I sense that my daughter now knows how to cope better and is not ashamed of herself for being who she is."
L. W.

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